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How To Succeed in Catering Business

You love your new catering business, but between the order management, contract preparation, the grocery list generation, the food tag printing, the invoice printing, the checklist printing–you are working like a dog! What you need is a great catering software. (Aside from a back massage).

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Instead of spending 6 hours preparing for next day’s operations, how about a couple of minutes? YES, you can! With the best catering app–Catering Manager, you can finally relax and enjoy more time for yourself.

Catering Manager –the best catering app (for Windows)!
It’s your super virtual assistant–available in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian)

The best catering software automate the most difficult and repetitive tasks of running a family catering business like order taking, grocery list generation, printing of food tags, printing of catering invoices, calendar scheduling, contract generation, and checklist preparation. Catering Manager does all that and more.

Why Catering Services Are Expensive

In reality, running a home-based catering business entails a lot of physical work for the proprietor. First, you have calls from customers coming in. You have to take down notes on the order details like date, venue, number of persons, the menu they want. Catering contracts have to be created and printed. And of course you have to manage the kitchen as well. Consequently, you need to print a schedule for your staff to know what to cook and when the food are needed. Then you have to aggregate all the orders for the following day and add up the ingredients needed so you can go to the grocery/market to shop.

That is why catering services are so expensive–you have to hire a lot of people to do all these work because you simply can’t do it all. All this daily manual work without the mini-CRM capabilities of a catering software like Catering Manager takes at least 6 to 8 hours using Excel spreadsheets.

How A Catering Software Saves Time and Money

Catering Manager reduces the manual spreadsheet work that takes 6 to 8 hours to a couple of minutes, and with no human errors due to exhaustion. As a result, the catering business owner has more time for other important aspects of the catering operations like product development, sales and customer service. Consequently, this will translate into bigger revenues and profit.

But don’t take our word for it, download the software and see for yourself!

All the money savings from reducing your labor requirement naturally leads to better profit. No doubt, Catering Manager catering software is a great investment.