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About The Software

Catering Manager is a mini-CRM

Catering Manager is a mini catering CRM (customer relationship management), considering it manages the most important aspects of the sales and fulfillment process of a family catering business. It is by no means a full CRM catering software, but it absolutely covers the most important repetitive tasks. That’s why we call it the best catering software for home-based business.

Who created Catering Manager

GigzPh developed Catering Manager. Our team tested and retested this software on the needs of a catering business over a period of a few years through daily use. We can say it is one of the best catering software for Windows laptops and desktops.

System Requirements

  • Desktop/Laptop computer running Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10
  • 4 GB RAM, 500 MB Disk Space
  • Internet connection for downloading installer and activating license
  • Does not need internet to run, unless when activating license or sending email to customers