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Price Comparison*

NameYearly Perpetual
Flex Catering$3,000Not Available
Cater Zen$1,548Not Available
Better Cater$ 690Not Available
Catering Manager$ 199$ 599
*As of June 2021. This is a limited comparison, because to be candid, other software’s prices are not available to the general public on their websites. You need to send a private inquiry just to ask for their prices, which is not necessarily convenient for customers trying to shop around for the best deal.

Why Are They Expensive?

To be fair, our competitors’ catering software have more bells and whistles. If you are a big catering business with multiple staff and multiple departments including a tech department and possibly operate in multiple locations, their software is probably the best fit for you.

But if you are a home based business looking for the best catering software that will help you get more things done in the simplest way possible, our software is the one for you!

Best Bang For The Buck

As you can see, our price is a fraction of our competitors’ prices. And believe it or not, our catering software’s features are more than enough to manage a home based catering business.

Additionally, we also offer a perpetual license which means you have the option of owning the software forever.

Consequently, this comparison shows Catering Manager is the best choice for a single proprietor catering business.

But that’s not all! In addition, future upgrades will be free!