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Hello Caterers!

Welcome to BestCateringApp! Please download the installer so you could give this very useful catering software a test drive. To maximize the benefit of using Catering Manager’s functionalities, I recommend you check out below how to start using it. It’s like breaking-in a new car–you have to let it know your driving style!

How To Get Started

  1. Set Default Settings: When you run Catering Manager for the first time, it will ask you to pick your preferred language and also to fill up company information and other custom settings.
  2. Build your menu, ingredients, suppliers and recipe: Before you can take orders, you need to feed the software with useful information on what your food menu is going to be. If you have a list of ingredients in a spreadsheet like Excel, you can just upload it as a CSV file. Same with suppliers and customers. There are tutorials about how to create a CSV file from Excel on Google. Check out the built-in Help of Catering Manager to guide you on the number of columns in the CSV file.
  3. Take Orders and enjoy the catering software’s features! That’s all!
And you’re ready to enjoy the software!

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